Viera Dubačová

We are aware of our freedom particularly when we start losing it. My personal experience with a totalitarian regime makes me wonder and forces me to think about a fragility of mental freedom, physical freedom, or liberty from government control. Only when we are humble we realize how easy is to lose the freedom. This is why I am protecting the small territory I am able to embrace.

Since its beginning, the Festival Artetheraphy has tried to bring and expose topics that transcend any borders. This year's festival subtitle Protected territory signifies that the festival does not avoid this clearly delimited goal. In this year, we will cross different borders of regional and political territory and we will focus on the personal freedom.

On the occasion of the 20th jubilee of The Velvet Revolution, we are going to direct our interest towards the politically and socially-committed theatre and we will place our topic - the Protected territory - into international context. Therefore, we have a unique chance to compare our historical experience with the lack of freedom to situations in other countries. We have invited theaters and individual artists from countries impacted by war and affected by religious and political conflicts. They will offer their subjective views on the perception of their regions and their personal freedom. We will be introduced to human stories where we will participate in reconciliation, redemption, and compromises with various types of trauma.

Viera Dubačová - the festival director