Theatre in general looks for lost communication with its audience. However, the search is difficult as everything once lost… overcoming distrust or losing trust is always even harder than a new relationship.

The people, who decided to use theatre as a means of communication, talk about how they live and think, the people who have not resigned the POWER OF THEATRE and its ability to talk about injustice around us or injustice they witness fortunately start to appear in Slovakia, there are not enough of us, but we are at least heard about.
So this kind of theatre of honest search as well as authentic expression of what bothers theatre creators and where the creators are trying to find way out were presented at the 5th Art Therapy Festival in Banská Bystrica.

During the preparation for the 6th Art Therapy the creators of the festival decided to move the festival to the capital city where this country is governed from and give it a subheading Powerless to Powerful.
Firstly, we want to use the power of theatre and introduce communities of makers and theatre works that capture injustice and offer them space at the festival in international scale. Secondly, by transferring to different city or country we offer to communities different audience for discussions about their problems and we want to start a mutual dialogue on possible elemination of these injustices.
And thirdly, it is our ambition to seek and involve “the powerful ones” who could accept these topics of theatre testimonies and “do their bit” to contribute to their elimination …

At some points we are powerful and in others helpless … we feel the power of the theatre in mediating dialogue and that is what we would like to invite you for.
The festival should, in addition to the above-mentioned, also contribute to overcoming your viewing mistrust, respectively the lost trust in the power of theatre and its creators, openly and authentically name our human, community or civic problems. To do this, except theatre experiences, the festival intends to offer a space for 3 round table committees, which would represent a kind of mediation process between attitudes of theatre artists and entrepreneurs with presence of representatives of state authorities, who would try to name the causes of the problems of individual groups in their mutual dialogue.

Please say YES to this dialogue by your participation

Viki Janoušková
dramaturgist of Slovak participation at the festival