After each performance, short discussion will take place.

The Good Person of Szechwan 

Theatre from the Passage, Banská Bystrica, Slovak Republic
Tuesday, June 3rd at 17:00 in Ticho a spol. theatre

Isn´t the essence of the good purely subjective, the same as the essence of the evil? Does any general good exist? And isn´t it possible, that the general good is the worst? This play focuses on an important and eternal question of good and evil... more

Rükverc (By Heart)

Katona József Színház, Budapest, Hungary
Tuesday, June 3rd at 20:00 in Malá scéna STU theatre

Searching for a turning point in a story of a homeless man... This story has no heroes, only the main character... it does not have adventurous twists and turns, but only the episodes that may be more or less familiar to us, like people who we pass every day in the subways... more

Confession II.

Malá scéna STU, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Wednesday, June 4th at 10:30 in Malá scéna STU theatre

Performance on the motive of five homeless people, who will tell their stories by themselves. The play offers the opportunity for the physically disabled and homeless people to tell their life stories. They have the opportunity to share their opinions, feelings... more

Déjà vu

Theatre Ticho a spol., Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Wednesday, June 4th at 17:00 in Ticho a spol. theatre

All that left to fictious and exceptional characters Maat and Arfa is their relationship. - It's a race what comes first - will they cope with the guilt, find their peace or lose patience with each other and leave ? It's a race for TIME... and for PERCEPTION of life... more

Potevo essere io (It Could Have Been Me)

Compagnia Teatrale Dionisi, Milano, Italy
Wednesday, June 4th at 20:00 in Malá scéna STU theatre

Life stories of children raised by streets instead of parents. "It could have been me" is the story of a boy and a girl who grew up together in the same neighborhood. The same origin, the same expected fate. But the ends are quite different. The story is told by a little girl who... more

As I can…!

Theatre group Traces of Dreams, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
June 5th 2014 at 10:30 hrs. in Ticho a spol. theatre

Theatral pictures of knotes – attaching and committing the handicapped and healthy... "As I can " is a theatrical reality where I can even yell, get angry, or otherwise be out of control ... staging thinks about the strong determinants "usus "- knots that are our mentally disadvantaged... more


Theatre Tripitaka (civil association) and The Centre for Experimental Theatre, Czech Republic
Thursday, June 5th at 17:00 in Ticho a spol. theatre

Ten women. Ten single mothers. Ten unique life stories, which flow into each other like rivers. SAMODIVA is blues about a woman within four walls. Bold solo of the last breath. Song for all phones off the hook. The bottom is closer every day. But SAMODIVA is dancing... more

The Land of Unmown Meadows

Theatre Pôtoň, Bátovce, Slovak Republic
Thursday, June 5th at 20:00 in Malá scéna STU theatre

The Land of Unmown Meadows is a megametaphoric message about Slovakia and Slovaks. Strange language picures refer to the formation of the Slovak nation, building of own identity, the relationship to the land, to the territory, to home, to the traditions... more

The Chairs

Theatre Samorasty, Banská Bystrica, Slovak Republic
Friday, June 6th at 10:30 in Malá scéna STU theatre

Five seniors from Banská Bystrica. Some of them stand on the stage for the first time. "The play was inspired by Ionesco´s play Chairs which is generally considered as an absurd drama. Five seniors, some of them stand on stage for the first time, managed to fulfill its... more

A play of a Window

Buraydah Theatre Group, Buraydah, Saudi Arabia
Friday, June 6th at 17:00 in Malá scéna STU theatre

Desire for freedom, prison in a room, without way of escape, prisoners of the system, rules, society... Saudi Arabia is an icon of Muslims in the world, thanks to the City of Mecca and the city of Prophet Mohammed. Because of the religious traditions of the country... more

Bartimej’s Passion

Group Honey and Dust, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Friday, June 6th at 20:00 in Malá scéna STU theatre

Dilemma, what wins... truth or fear is the dilemma... yesterday, today, every day, again and again... Bartimej's Passion is a theatrical form that works with music, movement, puppet, acting medium, singing and material as a theatre medium. more